Vision and Mission

VISION- A world class judiciary utilizing innovation and technology for efficient service delivery.

MISSION- To provide sound, timely judgments and efficient court services in an environment where all stakeholders are valued.




FAIRNESS-  The consistent and unbiased application of policies, legal principles, processes and procedures.

ACCOUNTABILITY- We are responsible for our actions in the discharge of our functions.

IMPARTIALITY- The disposition of justice and the delivery of court services free from external influence and bias.

INTEGRITY- We discharge our functions honestly.

INDEPENDENCE- Decisions are made based on a thorough understanding of applicable law, and without influence.

INNOVATION- The proactive and continuous pursuit of process improvements to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Judiciary.

RESPECT-  We recognize and value the inherent dignity and rights of all stakeholders.


COMMITMENT- We are unwavering in our dedication to upholding the rule of law, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and ensuring the efficient administration of justice.

COMMUNICATION- The transparent, clear and timely sharing of information among internal and external stakeholders.

COURTESY-  We consistently display politeness in our interactions with internal and external stakeholders.

ACCESSIBILITY- Court facilities, processes and services are conveniently located and easily accessed.

RESPONSIVENESS- We appropriately address the needs of court users in a timely manner.

EMPATHY- While discharging our functions we consider and seek to understand different perspectives in meeting the needs of our stakeholders.